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Resolve your questions

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Why elgir Health Tour for my medical-surgical treatment?

- Because no need to hire a private health insurance.

- Because we offer a closed and very competitive price for your treatment.

- Because we have no waiting list, you serve immediately.

- Because we offer a service and rigorous quality medicine.


What I have to do to contract with my treatment?

To formally initiate the process, the user can contact us for free and without obligation. For this I Ponemo available a web chat, IM and email.

Remember that any time you can request the assistance of patient care department for help during the appointment request.

After the doctor confirm the diagnosis, you will propose dates to carry out the preoperative and the day of the operation.


How I can pay for my treatment?

The payment process is very simple. Once the doctor has made a diagnosis and arranged the date of operation, the patient must make payment of medical services in accordance with the established rates.

To pay you can use one of the following systems:

Payment or transfer. Login or transferred directly the total amount in the account The income must be identified with the reference number and the name of the patient.

Credit card or debit card.


Can I go to the hospital with a companion?

All hospitals that work with Health Tour made available to users private rooms with two beds for the patient to be accompanied at all times during their hospital stay.


If I hire my surgical treatment through Health tour I get the same attention as other patients in the hospital where I operate me?

Our patients enjoy the same attention that all patients of medical institutions concerted that have been rigorously selected by specialists


How does Health Tour have first-rate medical specialists user prices being so inexpensive?

Health in Tour guarantee a large workload to medical professionals who work with us and offer a higher fee to offering conventional insurance companies. The reorganization process access to private medicine is what allows us to offer prices as advantageous.